From Fr Z (a link to the text of the bill is in the comments).

Yesterday, Connecticut Judiciary Committee of the Connecticut State Legislature introduced bill #1098/2009 that directly attacks the Roman Catholic Church (please see attached copy of it). Should it pass, the bishop and pastors will be deprived of any administrative, financial and legal power over their parishes.

And I suspect this commenter is correct about the purpose.

This sounds like a power play reply to the USCCB’s threat to close down Catholic Hospitals rather than have their doctors forced to perform abortions if the HHS Conscience Protection Regulation is overturned or if the FOCA passes

This may seem like a clear violation of the First Amendment (you know, the First Amendment as it is written, as opposed to the non-existent liberals’ First Amendment), but as another commenter points out, the mere fact that there are a couple of commenters who don’t think it is makes this bill dangerous.

I don’t use the word “evil” very often. This bill is evil.

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    The Davis Cup, with Moslems. I didn’t know that Moslems were big tennis fans.
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