It depends on your definition of modernism

The recent and sudden demotion of all bishops to auxiliary status in the AOCA, attributed to +Philip, disturbs me, but I suspect it is more complex than most would have it, and until I know more (was it +Philip or +Ignatius IV, or both?) I will not comment.


There are a number on the Orthodox Christianity Forum who refer to +Philip as “anti-monastic” and a “modernist” because he requires his clergy to wear suits and clerical collars (it is the tradition of Eastern clergy to dress like monks, in cassocks). I have my issues with Metropolitan Philip, but this is not one. Part of me feels this is silly, but another part rejoices. After all, if looking like a reputable Roman Catholic priest is “modernist,” as opposed to liturgical dancing widdershins about the altar or prayers to the Mother Gaia Goddess, it speaks well of holding tightly onto the ancient Apostolic Faith.


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