Good morning!

Bishop Tikhon is celebrating Divine Liturgy this morning at St John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian church in Hawk Run. I’m thinking about going. If I do, I’ll take the old road, and avoid I-99, which runs through every worst high wind section between the mountains.

Er, wait. I wasn’t entirely awake. Folks, here is the problem about living in an area that is dotted by little small town and country Orthodox parishes. Hawk Run is usually called “Philipsburg” because it’s the part of Philipsburg (Centre County) that sloshes over the county line. There’s no way to know you’re in Hawk Run. It’s a continuous community.

In Hawk Run, there are St John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic and St John the Baptist Carpatho-Russian, on adjacent lots. Two miles away in Philipsburg, there is the Nativity of St John the Baptist Orthodox Church, OCA. I’m assuming +Tikhon will be celebrating Liturgy here, because it’s an OCA parish.

But I could be wrong. So if I go, I’ll go to the OCA church first, and if that’s not the right one, the Carpatho-Russian church is only a couple of miles away.

See, this would never be a problem in most of the US. It would be “the Orthodox church,” as in the only one within 100 miles. But in Pennsylvania, it’s a definite problem. Even if the priest had said, “St John the Baptist” it would be confusing.


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