Dolly update

Dolly is a trooper — she’s certainly dealing with this better than we are. Last night, she came into the dining room when we went to eat (she didn’t the night before). She turned a bit too far to the left in the kitchen and “ran into” the stove, but we called her in, and she settled in her customary place beneath the dining room table.

This morning when we got up, Dolly was in my bathroom, at the top of the stairs, obviously because she couldn’t get around the L in the hallway. And when we came back from weekly errands just before noon, Dolly had gone upstairs while we were gone, and came down to meet us. She then followed us into the kitchen, then the living room, tail wagging all the way.

The yard was kind of a problem at first because there are steps down off the porch. She’s been into the yard twice now, all by herself. She also found the food, both in the living room, and in the dining room all by herself.

It’s harder on us than it is on her, I think.


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