Some gumption, please

A commenter on Amy Wellborn’s blog illustrates perfectly why Catholicism is a mess.

The assumption seems to be that people who dissent from the Church’s teachings yet remain Catholics

Actually, there are two fundamental problems here, so let’s take them one by one.

The assumption seems to be that people who dissent from the Church’s teachings

It’s this wishy-washy, gutless, utter lack of conviction that drives us to distraction, a cowardice of conscience that has pervaded Roman Catholicism as it has mainline Protestantism. Nobody this cowardly deserves respect. “People who dissent from the Church’s teachings” define heretics, those who embrace heresy. Exactly why can you not bring yourselves to use the H-word? Have you been beaten into submission by “ecumenical” groups and lesbian nuns in birkenstocks and multiculturalist heresy? Or do you only give lip service to orthodox belief, and don’t really believe that heresy exists?

Over the last 40 years, the Roman Catholic church has lost its backbone and become a church of moral cowards. Benedict XVI has a spine. It’s time the laity grew theirs back.

The assumption seems to be that people who dissent from the Church’s teachings yet remain Catholics

This is an oxymoron. One is Catholic — or Orthodox — purely by one’s adherence to the faith. One who dissents from the faith, that is, a heretic, is not a Catholic, or Orthodox. He is a heretic.

What we see here is the infection of the Oprah church, where the church has become nothing more than a social club where we can all share our feelings — hence all this nonsense about being “inclusive” and “sensitive.” Only if you accept this ecclesiology can you accept the oxymoron that Catholics can refuse to accept the faith yet remain Catholics.

And here you also see, at least attitudinally, the primary distinction between East and West, and I say East because the Eastern Rite are no more spineless than we are, and find such moral cowardice as appalling as we do. As I said in a comment on a traditionalist Catholic blog, using a political metaphor for theology for the sake of explication, you — meaning the conservative traditionalist Catholic — are Jimmy Carter, and we are Pat Buchanan. We would not tolerate the Oprah church raising its ugly head in our churches, while with only a tiny handful of exceptions, even the most conservative Roman Catholics will only object weakly.

Repeat after me: He-re-sy. It’s only three syllables. Embrace it. Grow a spine.


4 Responses to Some gumption, please

  1. Lauren says:

    Without jumping ship, I would like to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  2. JaneC says:

    I completely agree. I have never understood why anyone would continue to claim to be a Catholic when they clearly don’t believe what the Church teaches, or why people tiptoe around the issue. Such folks should either profess the faith, or find some other ecclesial community whose beliefs they can profess.

  3. chironomo says:


    They do so because they understand the primacy of the Catholic Faith, and they want to be a part of it, but they believe that much of what they disagree with (Female Ordination, Latin, etc…) are simply man-made constructs and should be changed for the better of the Church.

    Also, it has been many decades since there have been priests with the $%^&’s to tell them that they are in a state of sin because of their beliefs and that they may nmot receive communion, etc.. as long as they persist in holding said beliefs. The result is they believe it is OK to dissent and still be in a state of grace. Whose fault is that?

  4. Charles R. Williams says:

    What do you say about a bishop who pays lip service to the apostolic faith but emphasizes liberal do-goodism in everything he does and promotes “social gospel” Catholics within his diocese? This is the sort of thing orthodox Catholics have to deal with. Is such a bishop a heretic? Clearly, he is a disaster for his diocese. I am not sure that Orthodoxy is immune from hierarchs who promote some kind of agenda other than the gospel while paying lip service to Orthodoxy.

    Give me a forthright, honest heretic any day. I know how to deal with him.

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