That’s Funny

Deacon Greg points to this AP article about the WCC attempt to force decide upon a common date for Pascha.

Christianity’s largest ecumenical movement expressed hope Thursday that churches were moving closer to a common Easter for the world’s Christians, despite a historical debate nearly as old as the religion.

Catholic and Protestant congregations will celebrate their belief in Jesus’ resurrection on the same day as Orthodox churches in 2010 and 2011 because of a coincidence in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The common holiday has happened three times this decade.

But the World Council of Churches says consensus is emerging that these should not just be occasional occurrences.

At a recent meeting in Lviv, Ukraine, theologians representing nearly the breadth of Christianity agreed in principle on a strategy for all the faithful to continue observing their feast together.

These people are so naïve it’s almost cute:

“It’s not a problem of principle, of dogma or of doctrine,” said Juan Michel, spokesman for the council

Actually, Juan, it is.

“There are of course some fundamentalist Orthodox who say ‘The Julian calendar is our tradition and it was used in Jesus’ lifetime so we cannot change,'” Heller said, adding that some Eastern theologians might fear more breaks in their church as a result of a date change.

Well, Dagmar, I’m not quite sure what a “fundamentalist Orthodox” could possibly be, but it’s a bit more than some theologians might fear breaks. It’s more on the order of death and taxes sure.

Read the article, and get the impression that the Orthodox are ready to jump on the new Pascha date train. Note, however, that the only Orthodox mentioned are theologians, all unnamed. These ecumenical groups are utterly unaware. You don’t see a mention of a bishop, because no bishop would do anything but laugh in these idiots’ faces, and if a bishop did make some kind of positive mutterings about this new, improved Pascha date, he would be slapped soundly by his brother bishops, not to mention the laity.

These mainstream Protestant groups have completely abandoned Christianity for the social gospel heresy, and have been in a constant state of flux for so long that true ecclesial and theological conservatism — holding on to Christianity — escapes them entirely. This will go nowhere. If the Orthodox do notice, they’ll say, “Never!” quite firmly, and these post-Christian church folks will wonder why not.

They don’t get it.

They would, no doubt, be shocked to come to my parish and observe how many cross themselves at “One holy catholic and apostolic church” during the Creed (actually, they’d probably be shocked that we haven’t dropped the Creed for some sort of Gaia worship statement).

You want a common date for Pascha? We got your Pascha date right here.


One Response to That’s Funny

  1. Lauren says:

    I have to say … the differences between the calendars puzzle me. I’ve not yet had a chance to do some research on why the difference. Would you have the desire to enlighten me?

    Also, do you have an email address I could email other occasional questions re: Orthodoxy?

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