Rainbow Priestess Idiocy

funnykate Katherine Jefferts-Schori, the rainbow-vested Ultra High Priestess of the Smells and Bells Unitarians, has opened her mouth again, and as always, hilarity ensues.

There’s no “I” in Ubuntu.

It is, of course, yet another call to Marxism Progressivism disgused as Christianity, when of course, neither Christ nor Christianity has anything to do with it. What is it, exactly, about these loons that they’re so attracted to a form of government that slaughtered at least 100 million of their own people in the 20th century? More to the point, though not really anything to do with the Episcopal Church of Gaia High Priestess, is how does one explain Orthodox apologists for Marxism Progressivism, given that if anyone understands the nature of socialism, surely the Orthodox do.

What, exactly, is the attraction of stealing money from people who work for it so you can give it away to people who do not? How, precisely, is that moral? Why is it they seem to be unable to grasp the concept of charity, or helping others of our own free will?

Then there are the poisonously anti-Semitic dhimmi Orthodox who do nothing but support terrorists by whining and wailing about the awful things those Joooos do. They don’t even deserve scorn.

As my priest used to say, God gave the right religion to the wrong people.


One Response to Rainbow Priestess Idiocy

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    I am sooo stealing that expression “smells and bells Unitarianism.” 🙂

    In ICXC

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