Very Bad News

31 October, 2009

Major surgery today. More sometime in the future, when I’m well enough and I have a way to post.


Not good

30 October, 2009

My legs are pretty much useless today — I can’t even close the recliner. I have an appointment Monday with the orthopedic surgeon, but as bad as this has gotten, I wonder if maybe I should call his office today.


25 October, 2009

Yesterday, the pain was the worst so far, and it did not let up all night (and I got no sleep). Today, I broke down and hit the pain meds, something I don’t want to do a lot, since there are only a finite number of them, and it takes more than a couple to get the pain under control.


24 October, 2009

Still excruciating when I awake get up, but if I take a handful of Alleve and sit up/lean forward in my office chair for about an hour, the pain becomes tolerable. Also more mobile.

I can’t make it late enough in the day (since after about 1 or so, the pain increases) to get to Vespers, and because I’m under orders not to stand more than absolutely necessary, I will not be going to Matins. That will be hard.

Another recommendation

23 October, 2009

Father John on sola scriptura.

Maybe …

22 October, 2009

Walking is a lot better than it was — mobility is improving rapidly. So I’m starting to hope that this won’t be as bad as it could be (although I awoke in sweat-inducing pain).

Going home

21 October, 2009

I’ve been discharged.