Then, this!

30 November, 2009




30 November, 2009

I have no idea what this was going to be about (I typed in the title, then they came to take me down to therapy).

Oh well.


30 November, 2009

Very scary

30 November, 2009

Slowly but surely

30 November, 2009

I woke up in this ungodly twisted to one side slumped way to the bottom of the bed posture which was causing my left leg to cramp. It took a while, but they finally came in and fixed me (so far). New aide: Jody. I remember one of the others from the wing I was originally on, and not positively.

Meds are here (fortunately, they don’t shuffle the nurses like they do the aides). Methadone, vitamins, protein supplements, stool softeners, high blood pressure, nausea, that sort of thing. Done with the steroid, thank God.

Fr John called yesterday. He was knocked out by allergy meds, so he’s bringing me Holy Communion today. Christopher should be here early afternoon, and hopefully stay a bit longer than usual. But we’ll see.

Note that I haven’t mentioned the Steelers game.

At least

29 November, 2009

it may be a good game, #2 ranked Stillers (6-4) play the #3 ranked Ravens (5-5) in Baltimore, kickoff at 8:20 on NBC. Then, there was some seriously bad mojo in that Chiefs game, so let’s hope it doesn’t spill over. I’ll try to watch all of it, but my pain meds may knock me out.

I’m in a bad position to type, and if I raise the head of the bed, it puts pressure on my hip and creates lots of pain, so I won’t post what I’d intended. Not tonight.

I just noticed I have the TV tuined to a basketball game (hi, Lisa), uh, Texas AM and Minn. I’m not sure why. It just is. The stations are numbered confusingly and seemingly at random here, and they’re nearly impossible to figure out.

The leg is acting up again, so good night, and see you tomorrow.


29 November, 2009

From Pam and Rex, who left about an hour ago.