Power of positive thinking

Norman Vincent Peale, wasn’t it? When (actually if, but that’s where the positive thinking comes in) I get back home, and by extension, church, I’ll be in a wheelchair (I have no illusions about regaining much use of my legs). Orthodox worship in a wheelchair. It’s kind of upside down, isn’t it? I doubt I’d be able to sing in the choir. I could read from the readers’ stand. I guess I could sing at the kliros if we could figure out how to get the music so all of us could see it. And treasurer, to which I was just elected? Sure, I guess, with Chuck’s help (but I was going to count on that anyway).

Last week when I suddenly lost the use of my legs, that was horrifying. After I found out why, mobility seems less important than being alive.

Pray for me, please.


3 Responses to Power of positive thinking

  1. Richard Barrett says:

    I asked Fr. Peter to add you to the prayer list at All Saints.

  2. mamajuliana says:

    praying for you here…

  3. I can’t think of anything I would like more than to have you back at Holy Trinity chanting the Epistle, so come home soon. There is such freedom and liberty in Orthodox worship.

    May you be surrounded by the strength and comfort of the prayers of all of us at Holy Trinity as well as those who have gone on before us.

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