Wondrous in His saints

I have long felt surrounded by the most incredible Christian love and mery at Holy Trinity. A package came from a fellow parishioner, Matt Finke, arrived today. He sent a DVD of St John of San Francisco, and a “q-tip” soaked in the holy oil of the vigil lamp at the reliquary of the Holy Hierarch St John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco, and the holy oil from the vigil lamp of St Pantlemon the Wonderworking Physician. Matt writes, “May God who is woundrous in His saints grant you His rich mercy.” i am so very touched that he and Jill would think of me and being annointed with the oil of the God’s holy saints. Tears are in my eyes as I write this.

Glory to Jesus Christ!


One Response to Wondrous in His saints

  1. It is very rare for a parishioner to send a fellow parishioner a package with holy oil and other religious items, in addition to a note asking for God’s rich mercy.

    This is a sign of a loving Christian who cherishes the friendship of a fellow parishioner. It would be a better world, if more friends practiced similar Christian love.

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