Let’s try this

Matt Finke sent me a DVD, The Life of St John Maximovitch, Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, and I haven’t had a chance to catch even the first five minutes, with all of the traffic in and out of this room. However, they’ve removed not just the IV, but every needle from my body (except for the morphine button), and it’s Sunday, so I’m going to see if I can actually watch this movie.

Deacon Alex is bringing me Holy Communion this afternoon after Divine Liturgy (Fr John is being plagued by an upper respiratory infection and they won’t let him anywhere near this hospital). I believe the Radomskys are coming with the Deacon so we can spend the afternoon in Christian fellowship. I don’t know if Matushka Jennifer and the little ones will be coming with Dn Alex, but it would be nice to spend the afternoon with the deacon and his whole family. There may be visiting age issues in the hospital, though.

I ordered tea, so as soon as it gets here, we’ll put on the popcorn!

And in a flash of brilliance yesterday, here with my last paycheck (last? might as well be, I guess) I bought a netbook. Should ship tomorrow, and finally, I’ll get to use a keyboard that’s not impossible to use (this one is). It was a little pricey, only because I had to buy a optical drive, but Christopher’s laptop sucks so if he likes this one better, he can have it and he gets a new desktop. His was made in 1995, I think. Seriously. It’s a pre-Pentium 486SX — not even a DX.

Movie time!


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