I call BS

This may come as a shock, but I don’t watch MTV. But when you’re here, you take what you get, and I’ve watched a couple of episodes of this show called World’s Strictest Parents. Take two worthless wastes of skin (I mean worthless to the extent that the characters aren’t believable), mix with two parents who aren’t their parents and who aren’t particularly strict, they just expect the kids not to be worthless wastes of skin, add a bunch of inevitable encounters and conflicts, then wastes of skin have sudden awakenings of conscience that are as unbelievable as the characters, and everybody is happy.

Crap, too. Even if it were a good idea for a show, the execution is like I said, unbelievable.


2 Responses to I call BS

  1. Gardenia says:

    hi. i’m here from crescat. praying for you, and your little brother too. (I read some of your posts).

  2. s-p says:

    I don’t watch TV period. But its good to see you in fine form. 🙂

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