Yes! House warming party!

Valley View retirement home in Altoona (30 miles southwest) has a bed, can take care of my needs, and can take me tomorrow! HTOC in Altoona!


7 Responses to Yes! House warming party!

  1. mamajuliana says:

    Welcome to Altoona! If there is anything you need here…just email me!

  2. Good luck getting settled in RWP. If there’s anything you need(books, snacks, CDs, movies), or that my husband and I can send you, just let me know.

  3. sevpr says:

    Sooo…is this the equivalent of “Hospice Care”? Sorry if the question comes off too blunt. You’re in my prayers. Please pray for my friend Gary (he runs the homeless shelter whose guys helped us build our Church). I took him to emergency room last night and he has a baseball size tumor on his lung. Its not looking good for him.

  4. Wyatt Earp says:

    What DL said. If you need anything for your entertainment, let me know. I’ll get it to ya.

    And Altoona is only about a 4 hour drive, so . . .

  5. Mark and Leslyn says:

    We’re glad to hear you made it in OK.

    For those of us who would love to visit, a few questions:
    1.) Do you prefer that we call ahead?
    2.) Are there generally bad times and better times to visit (for YOU)?
    3.) Are we allowed to bring you goodies from the ‘outside’ and what do you miss that we can bring? ( food, beer, whatever………)

    Steelers vs Bengals today at 1:00 !

  6. rwp says:

    1. Nope don’t care. Anytime.
    2. Er yeah, but I can’t anticipate them, so come on over.
    3. Yes (not sure about beer), but I’m oftn queasy, so it doesn[‘t make much difference.

    Love to have you anytime.

    • Mark and Leslyn says:

      Clay –
      Sitting here watching the boys take on the Bengals……. any time now, they will actually start playing they way they should! Are you watching the game?

      Mark and I plan to stop by tomorrow after work – around 5:00.

      Hope yer up fer it!
      I have a cold Yuengling for youz. šŸ™‚ Leslyn

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