Saints among us

When I was searching years ago, I encountered a man who challenged much of what I believed, and made me question, then rebuild, my faith.

He was the antithesis of most of the clergy I knew, clergy for whom faith and belief were matters of embarrassment (well, we don’t literally believe that Christ was born of a virgin, it’s a metaphor, or that belief came from this other group, etc.)
And his faith was rock solid.

Meeting Fr Alexander was the most important thing that had ever happened to me. He saved my soul and changed my life.

Today, Fr Alexander is visiting on his way back to Louisville from St Tikhon’s Seminary. I can’t think of anything appropriate to say. But the man whose quiet, monastic, love of his God and Church who shared them with me when he christmated me in 1984 can now again share his faith close to the end of my journey.

Christ is among us!


6 Responses to Saints among us

  1. I watched my sister, who had become Orthodox a year before, repose in the Lord. And I kept thinking that if she could do it – and with such grace, such dignity, such meekness! – then there was hope that I could do it, too, whenever my turn comes.

    I said to her, “For all you are suffering right now, I envy you,” and I really did! “Because,” I said, “you already have one foot in heaven. Your crown awaits you. Just hang on a little longer, hold onto Jesus during this one last struggle, latch onto Him all the way, and you’ll awake in His arms.”

    And she did. Somehow God gave her peace all the way through it, and someone told me He always does. When our own strength gives out, He gives us His own. So what may look impossible to face turns out not to be.

    That’s the peace I’m praying for you. And I’ve no doubt at all God will grant it now and always.

    with tears,

  2. Jean says:

    Clay, you’ve just said it.

  3. Wyatt Earp says:

    He seemed like a really terrific person. Someone devoted to his faith and his mission. I am a better person for having met him.

  4. Xopher says:

    I wish I’d returned to Valley View in time to see him again.
    But it was more important that you spend some time with him.

    • Mark and Leslyn says:

      Christopher, please email us if you need help with dog watching and walking
      or anything else we can do to help ease your stress.

  5. Lisa Bou says:

    I’m overwhelmed that he made it there to see you! Clay, that’s wonderful.

    Love you . . .

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