Slowly but surely

I woke up in this ungodly twisted to one side slumped way to the bottom of the bed posture which was causing my left leg to cramp. It took a while, but they finally came in and fixed me (so far). New aide: Jody. I remember one of the others from the wing I was originally on, and not positively.

Meds are here (fortunately, they don’t shuffle the nurses like they do the aides). Methadone, vitamins, protein supplements, stool softeners, high blood pressure, nausea, that sort of thing. Done with the steroid, thank God.

Fr John called yesterday. He was knocked out by allergy meds, so he’s bringing me Holy Communion today. Christopher should be here early afternoon, and hopefully stay a bit longer than usual. But we’ll see.

Note that I haven’t mentioned the Steelers game.


3 Responses to Slowly but surely

  1. Christopher Walker says:

    Is that a hint?

    Maybe you had troubled dreams, resulting in the cramped position when you woke. Hope the day improves. See you later!

  2. Lisa Bou says:

    Argh. That is most unpleasant indeed, being all twisted up that way and getting a cramp. On the thankfully rare occasions I get twisted up that way, so that I can’t move the leg that still works, it is because Susie is sitting on the sheets and blankets, pinning me. Attempts to get her to move are usually met simply with a lot of pounding the tail on the bed, while my right leg goes into spasm. I trust you understand the dog-as-giant-paperweight scenario . . .

    Hope Jody is nice. If Jody is not nice, I shall have to whack her with my cudgel when I arrive. I can just about teach a class now in Medical Aids as Weaponry. (Oh no! Leaf blowers outside! I may have to log out and go teach these people. God forgive me for what I am about to do to Nolan’s Lawn Service.)

    Great news re being off the steroids! I empathize.

    Re Steelers . . . *chirp* . . . *chirp chirp* . . .

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