lights out, tv till I fall asleep.


4 Responses to Groggy

  1. razorbacker says:

    We’ve never met. Chances are, given our vastly different lifestyles and value systems we wouldn’t have much in common if we had met.

    But I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff over at Maggies Farm and I wanted to tell you so. You remind me of what used to be commonplace in my country.

    I wish you the best. I understand that your prognosis is not optimal, but I trust that you will take this as I intend. Best wishes.


  2. April says:

    Sweet dreams…sorry for not seeing you before I left, still feel crappy (although I probably shouldn’t complain…) Students finished their meltdowns and projects up today so I can breathe a little. I’ll be writing a long one soon, if you’re up to reading it! <>

  3. Lisa Bou says:

    Hey, kiddo. Sorry to be missing yesterday. It was my turn to be groggy too. Had a migraine bad enough to warrant going to the ER, and the meds knocked me out for about sixteen hours. (Well, except for the part where Susie BARFED ON THE BED during the night. Don’t know what’s up with that.)

    Anyway, whilst I was trying to stay alert in the car, I thought of you, of course, trying to deal with the meds.

    And I send much love.


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