First report

Med changes took effect at midnight, when I got 35 meg Methadone. This morning I had to have a breakthrough pill, 10 mg instead of 7.5, but 8 am is when I get my next base 35 mg dose.


4 Responses to First report

  1. Xopher says:

    please let us know, as the day goes by,
    whether the difference is discernible,
    as far as your comfort level goes.

  2. Lisa Bou says:

    I guess the next base dose was about an hour ago? How is it now?


  3. orthocath says:

    Hoping that the new meds will help you.

  4. Xopher says:

    Note to the reader, Thursday – it will take The Professor’s system awhile to get used to the new medication levels. He has been too drowsy so far, today, to post.

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