Cancer tips

This is an ongoing list I’ll add to from time to time, so I’ll create it as a page instead of having to republish it over and over. I’m not an expert. This just happened to me. But I figure if something helps me, it may help you, too. Just expect not only additions, but changes

Here’s the first one.

You are not alone. You are never alone. Christ is always there for you. When you weaken, turn to Christ for strength.

We Orthodox use icons as windows into heaven. They are not images we worship. They are images of God and His saints to whom we may turn. Surround yourself with icons of God and the men and women who have examplified Him so strongly in their lives to give yourself the strength to pray.

Don’t think up lists of things you accomplished. Seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not, I find, because it inevitably leads you to complete the list — that is, focus on what you probably can’t do in the time you have left. Or at least it will start you thinking up things, and you’ll eventually hit one that makes you think, “No, probably can’t do that, or for that matter, this, or that,” and you get the idea.

Instead, try focusing on changes you have made in your life. What have you done to bring yourself closer to God and your brothers and sisters? This question never leads to one of those “Oops, can’t do that” things, because you can always change for the better. Always. And a cancer ward is a particularly good place to do this, because they select the best, most caring staff they can find to work there.

Talk to your nursing staff, and more to the point, listen. I don’t mean about health stuff, but about being a better person. Get down on a wholly human level with them. They’ve seen a lot, and they probably have a lot of valuable things to say if you talk with them. You have the cream of the crop on that cancer ward, ad they are the cream of the crop because they care. Let them help you.


Yes, there’s more, a lot more. But I’m starting to fade, and I want to quit while I’m ahead, plus I can’t find the Cowboys-Eagles game on these hospital channels. Oh well. Here’s my vote for Dallas.


2 Responses to Cancer tips

  1. Brian says:

    I am sorry to hear of your situation. I learned of it on the Byzantine forum. I was curious if you were in chemo or radiation, and if you had considered any alternatives or not? I hear more and more people who claim holistic cures are a better chance (such as, but others think chemo is the best we have so far.
    In any case, may the love of Christ shine in and through you.


  2. […] choir up at You Tube.  Among some other great writing at his blog, he now shares some excellent cancer tips. Rightwingprof is the one who inspired me to start […]

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