Dems rewriting history

13 December, 2009


Reid, like most Liberals, is trying to revise the racist history of the Democratic Party, and better yet, to transfer that history to the Republican Party. You would too if you had the racist history of the Democrats.


At least

29 November, 2009

it may be a good game, #2 ranked Stillers (6-4) play the #3 ranked Ravens (5-5) in Baltimore, kickoff at 8:20 on NBC. Then, there was some seriously bad mojo in that Chiefs game, so let’s hope it doesn’t spill over. I’ll try to watch all of it, but my pain meds may knock me out.

I’m in a bad position to type, and if I raise the head of the bed, it puts pressure on my hip and creates lots of pain, so I won’t post what I’d intended. Not tonight.

I just noticed I have the TV tuined to a basketball game (hi, Lisa), uh, Texas AM and Minn. I’m not sure why. It just is. The stations are numbered confusingly and seemingly at random here, and they’re nearly impossible to figure out.

The leg is acting up again, so good night, and see you tomorrow.


29 November, 2009

From Pam and Rex, who left about an hour ago.

Big Red Rebound

28 November, 2009

NW ST: 72


23 November, 2009

disaster seemingly averted


23 November, 2009

Nurse knocks cell off onto the floor.

Phone would not come on.

Am recharging, to see if that will fix the phone (odds, anyone?)


2 November, 2009

The doc just came in. Biopsy Wednesday, probably around 3 pm. Without the biopsy, there can be no prognosis, which makes everything much more difficult.