Iced in

13 December, 2009

Freezing rain has sealed most everybody in this morning, and Altoona is becoming passable, so Pam et al should be over here soon. Christopher probably won’t be able to get here for another couple of hours.


Feelings of avoidance

12 December, 2009

Last night, I asked Phyllis to stay a bit longer. She said she’s be back, but I got the distinct feeling I would never see her again.

Please, God, make me wrong.

Wasting no time

10 December, 2009

The last three days have been hospice person after hospice person, doing interviews, setting up schedules, and so forth. It had seemed that hospice would be here working with me three days a week, but it’s more like every day, just coming in on different three days a week.

Temp fixed?

10 December, 2009

We did determine that the thermostat for this room was set down in the 60s, and called maintenance (sigh).

They haven’t shown yet.

God granted me

9 December, 2009

another restful night, just with a couple of surprises. The controls on my bed are breaking down, and Phyllis, my sister-in-law, flew to State College last night, rented a car, and drove to Altoona. In the ice storm. Not that she stopped here, mind; all I got was a text message.

Something tells me that yes, I did “know” about this on some level, but it must have been a very “deep” one.

Flip-flop night

8 December, 2009

Yesterday was up and down — really up and down. Yesterday began okay, as today is, with pain still well managed. When I was pulled up in bed, though, it was accompanied by jarring pain, that now encircled my lungs. And that was before I got my first regular pain med dose for the day.

The rest of the day I was miserable, although pain management started to work hours later, around 4, after taking numerous breakthrough doses. That’s the problem with pain management. You have to stay ahead of the pain, and once you start to get caught up, it takes a long time to accomplish.

The highly increased lung pain never was managed, really, until I took my midnight regular dose. But that, thank God, brought the pain under control, and I slept non-stop until this morning. Slept well, and got up in a positive mood.


7 December, 2009

We’re putting in a request with a hospice service. I need more care than I’m getting as just a nursing home patient, and there’s one service that works in both Blair and Centre Counties (a couple, but we can only talk to one service at a time). And the hospice has an Orthodox priest on staff as a chaplain.